Marathon Team Frontrunner High on Experience, Low on Years

The 2022 CCG Boston Marathon Team Includes the Youngest Runner in the Race!

The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon.

It is one of the six World Marathon Majors, and running Boston is on the bucket list of many accomplished athletes. Can you imagine crossing the Boston Marathon off your bucket list at the young age of 18? CCG team member Tucker Winstanley of Concord, MA plans to do just that.

To run the Boston Marathon, an athlete must be 18 years old. Tucker will turn 18 three days
before the event. While he is the youngest of the 28,604 participants, his athleticism, fundraising
ability, and philanthropic actions equal or surpass many older charity runners.

Tucker is a junior at the Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, MA. He volunteers as a tutor
and mentor for the Achieve Program, a program that helps students from Boston achieve
academic success and emotional resiliency. He also volunteers with Special Surfers in
Kennebunkport, ME – an organization that brings the joy of surfing to physically and mentally
challenged youth.

How does it feel to be one of the youngest Boston Marathon runners this year

With an April 15th birthday, it has long been a dream of mine to run the Boston Marathon a
couple of days after I turn 18. Realizing this dream by running for Team CCG has been awesome
and I’m looking forward to race day!

Do you plan to run competitively when you’re in college?

I’ve had a lot of people suggest I run in college, but I am a soccer player who likes to run – kind
of in that order. I also run track in high school and enjoy running 5Ks when I can. Maybe after
the Boston Marathon I will change my mind and run in college!

How has training for the Boston Marathon been for you? Any challenges?

I think the biggest challenges for me (besides New England weather) have been finding the time
to get the training in, while going to school and playing club soccer, lifting, and competing in
high school track. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. I am hoping that cross-
training with these sports will help. I try to do a weekly long run and once I got over 15 miles, I
was surprised by the mental stamina required. Running on the course with trainer John Furey’s
group has been helpful. On race day, I know my Corey C. Griffin Foundation teammates and the
crowds will help the miles go by.

What keeps you motivated in training?

For the past year at school, I have been tutoring inner-city middle school students who are part
of the Achieve Program – a program that the Corey C. Griffin Foundation supports. I can see
first-hand some of the challenges that these students, who are close in age to me, deal with day-to-day and it makes the challenges I have faced with my training seem insignificant in
comparison. It motivates me to know that the funds I have raised are going to awesome
programs like Achieve in and around Boston.

You are one of the team’s highest fundraisers! What strategies worked best for you?

It’s possible that everyone was worried about how someone my age was going to raise funds,
and that collective concern helped my cause! I mostly relied on social media to get my message
out. I asked family and friends to share on their social media as well, with a link to my
fundraising page. Each time it was posted/shared I saw an uptick in donations. I also sent an
introductory email and updates to friends and family with similar messaging and links.

Good luck Tucker!