Meet Boston Marathon runner Matt Clunan

Running for Corey and “Corey’s Kids”!

Matt Clunan is a former college ski racer and an avid runner. In 2016, he ran the New York City Marathon. In 2018 he completed two marathons: The Chicago Marathon and The New York City Marathon. Not bad! So, why Boston? He’s always wanted to run the Boston Marathon and having the chance to run for Corey’s Kids in memory of his best friend Corey Griffin was a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

Growing up, Clunan was always impressed with Griffin’s wide-reaching friendships and desire to help others. That’s one reason why this year’s Boston Marathon will be even more meaningful for Clunan, who will wear his friend’s name on his singlet as he runs to support the Corey C. Griffin Foundation.

Clunan took a few minutes to talk about the relationship between his family and the Griffins and what it means for him to participate in the Boston Marathon.

How would you describe what the Boston Marathon means to you and the City of Boston?

It doesn’t get any bigger than the Boston Marathon. Being able to run for Corey and the Corey C. Griffin Foundation in front of my family and friends is only going to make it more special.

As you approach the finish line this year, what do you think you’ll be thinking about?

I’ll be glad that the race is almost over. I’ll be thankful for all of the support I received from family and friends, the donations, the people listening to me talk about the race and putting up with long, sweaty training runs. I’ll probably be asking Corey for a little help getting me to the finish line a little faster, too.

What made you want to run on the Corey C. Griffin Foundation team?

The Griffins have been a second family to me since I was born. There are hundreds of memories that we share together. They’ve been there through the good and bad, and I feel so thankful to have every one of them as a part of my life.

How would you describe the impact the Corey C. Griffin Foundation has had in the community?

The foundation has already made meaningful and life-changing impacts on so many children in the Boston area. Its impact, and Corey’s legacy, are only going to continue to grow, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

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