The Corey Griffin House at Boston Children's Hospital

Every child should have the opportunity to receive the best care possible, regardless of their circumstances. 

Likewise, the families of children undergoing treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital should be able to stay close to their child during treatment. Yet the cost of hotel stays in the area can be exorbitant. Boston Children’s Hospital and the Corey C. Griffin Foundation are committed to working together to build the Corey Griffin House as part of the hospital’s existing Patient Family Housing program. The house will fill the ever-growing need for ‘extended stay’ family housing, serving patients’ families who are forced away from the comfort of their homes for long periods of time. 

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families were placed on a waiting list for family housing in 2016
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average spent for 11 days at hotels by families

According to an annual report about the state of family housing published by Boston Children’s Hospital, there is a critical need for more housing. Families travel from out of state and even internationally to utilize the services of Boston Children’s Hospital.

The hospital provides medical care that is not available elsewhere, and many families seek out care for their child there due to the hospital’s excellent reputation. The average length of stay for a family using family housing is 11 days. Hotels in the area cost about $200 a night. So a family staying for 11 days would spend about $2,000 on a hotel for that time. The hospital has a variety of accommodation options, but the demand for family housing is growing. 

The Corey Griffin House will help alleviate the financial burden placed on families during times of crisis.

It will also be a place where families can connect with each other outside the environment of the hospital. When a child is in the hospital, families face an incredible amount of stress.

To provide much-needed comfort, the Corey Griffin House will offer guests a warm and welcoming environment during their child’s treatment. It will be a place of refuge and respite for families whose children are in the hospital.

Through the Corey Griffin House, the Corey C. Griffin Foundation will continue its mission to improve the lives of children.