CoreyFest 2020 Information and FAQs


Drive-In. Rock Out.

Join us for a CoreyFest-exclusive performance by multi-platinum entertainer CHRIS YOUNG, airing from Nashville onto the 60-foot screen. Opening Act Dalton & the Sheriffs will perform LIVE on stage. From the safety of your vehicle or in the designated outside seating area adjacent to your vehicle, you’ll have a night out to enjoy a cinematic concert experience under the stars. (YES- you will be able to sit outside your car, in front of your car!) Come on out and support Corey's Kids! 


Important Event Safety Info

This exclusive concert will adhere to guidelines recommended by the CDC as well as all state and local public health mandates. Security and staff will be on-hand to ensure adherence.

General Rules

Each ticket admits one standard passenger car, SUV or truck (RVs, limousines, and party buses are not permitted).


You will only need to purchase one (1) ticket per vehicle of four or less people. Up to three, additional passenger tickets can be purchased if your vehicle seats up to seven. (Number of people in vehicle must not exceed number of seatbelts).


Parking is organized by vehicle height, with designated areas for 6' and over 6.5' vehicles so that there will be sightlines for all sized vehicles/attendees.


Theater staff reserves the right to move cars as needed.


Once a vehicle or person leaves the theater, no re-entry will be permitted.


Show goes on rain or shine!


No refunds.


Prepare Before you Attend

•To limit car battery usage, consider bringing a battery-operated radio to listen to the concert (sound will be broadcast via FM radio). The drive-in has a limited supply of radios you can rent.

•Have hand sanitizer and masks available. Masks required outside your designated car area.

•No weapons, legal or illegal drugs, or alcohol allowed.

•Car jumpstarts are available, if needed, after the show



What can and can’t I bring?

Marshfield Drive-In does not allow alcohol, weapons, grills, kids’ electric vehicles, or anything the drive-in staff thinks could cause a problem in terms of safety or bothering other attendees. Chairs, blankets, and radios are allowed only directly in front of your car (between your car and the screen.) Alcohol is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate removal. Consider bringing extra blankets and warm clothes if it’s a cool evening.


What food and beverages are offered for sale and can I bring my own?

To be clear, Marshfield Drive-In does not allow alcohol. There is a snack bar at the drive-in offering standard fair-type food (such as pizza, chicken fingers, hamburgers, popcorn, soft drinks, water and pretty much fried everything!) However, you can bring in your own food and drinks if you wish! Grills are not allowed. Sponsorships include additional food options.


What do I do when I get there?

Enter through Gate “E” at 61 South River Street in Marshfield across from the Marshfield Fire Station. Your ticket will be scanned, and you will be guided to your appropriate section based on ticket.  There are no bad spots! You may park facing forward or backwards.


Any parking rules?

Vehicles will be parked by ticket section and also in height-appropriate designated rows. You cannot, for any reason or any length of time, save a space for someone else. If you plan to have a raised hatch, hatch must be tied down at least one inch below roof immediately upon arrival. Parking attendants can assist you with string.


Do you have restrooms?



Can I arrive late or leave early?

Early arrival is strongly encouraged to guarantee your space and facilitate other arrivals. You may leave at any time!


Can I stand by the stage?

No. You must stay in your designated area unless visiting restroom, snack bar, or CoreyFest store.


Is smoking or vaping allowed?

Only in the smoking section. No legal or illegal drugs of any kind are allowed.


Will there be a CoreyFest store?

Yes, there will be a small store with limited inventory and safety modifications to ensure the wellbeing of attendees and staff.  Hats cannot be tried on or returned. Contactless Apple Pay will be an option, along with other credit cards.


How do I log into the virtual event?

Everyone who has a virtual event ticket will be sent a website URL and a passcode to access the online event on the morning of Saturday, October 17th. The virtual event begins at 7:30pm EST.


We look forward to seeing you!

CoreyFest 2020 Information and FAQs
CoreyFest 2020 Information and FAQs