Running for a Cause Close to his Heart

Why Mike Chamberlain chose the CCG Marathon Team

Michael Chamberlain first learned about the Corey C. Griffin Foundation when he attended the Ron Burton Training Village as a camper. He now works as a Commercial Account Manager at BITSIGHT in Boston. As a young professional, he has volunteered at Foundation events and is now on the Corey C. Griffin Foundation’s Emerging Leaders Council. We are grateful for his commitment to philanthropy and for representing the Foundation at the Boston Marathon.

Please explain how you first learned about the Corey C. Griffin Foundation.

I first learned about the Corey C. Griffin Foundation through my experience as a kid attending the Ron Burton Training Village. The Foundation became ingrained into the Training Village. As a partner, the Foundation enhanced the scope of the program adding dedicated gardens, an entire baseball field, and more. I remember the first time I heard the Griffin family speak about Corey with such enthusiasm and they articulated his legacy in a profound manner. They shared how Corey performed acts of kindness and took extra moments to make everyone feel loved and a sense of belonging. Hearing those stories, and understanding the legacy that Corey left behind was when I truly began to dig in and learn about the Foundation. 

What’s the best thing about training for the Boston Marathon? Any challenges? 

There are so many aspects of training for the Boston Marathon that have made it a memorable experience. Throughout the process of raising money, I’ve gained an understanding that the Foundation and the runners on the team are impacting the Boston community in a powerful and positive manner. Selfishly though, I think my favorite part of Boston Marathon training is seeing what I am able to overcome. I am not a natural runner by any stretch of the imagination. As someone who has struggled with weight and is flat footed, running has always been an obstacle but in the past couple of years it helped me lose nearly 80 pounds. Remembering where I was with the extra weight and seeing what I have been able to accomplish has been nothing short of amazing to me and something I will cherish. 

What keeps you motivated?

What has kept me motivated is the desire to continue pushing myself. As I mentioned, running helped me get in shape and I enjoy the challenge and seeing what my body is able to do. I think just proving to myself that I can do things is what really keeps me motivated. 

What is your favorite cross training activity?

My favorite cross training activity is currently weightlifting, but I am hoping to change that to biking this summer! I lift weights pretty much every day, but I recently bought a road bike and I am hoping that becomes my new favorite activity. I just think it’s a great way to explore while remaining active and being able to challenge yourself. After completing the marathon, I hope to train for a road race in the coming months!

Music or no music when running? If music, any favorite songs on your playlist?

I just became a music supporter when running! Previously, I used to enjoy listening to myself breathe to get a sense of tempo and gauge how my body is doing. Recently, however, I’ve been drowning everything out and listening to country music while I run. Eric Church can truly help you forget that your legs are even moving. 

What do you like about running?

I enjoy the inclusiveness of running in the sense that anyone can tie a pair of shoes and get into it, but I also enjoy the opportunity to be alone and just think. I always run alone and it’s a great opportunity for me to debrief my day, or week, or plan for different events. When you run, you’re unplugged and it’s a great opportunity to just get lost in thoughts.

What shoes will you be wearing on marathon day?

I will be wearing a pair of Brooks Adrenaline come Marathon Day because the extra support is always needed.

We are so appreciative of Mike’s efforts on the training course, not to mention his advocating on behalf of Corey’s Kids and putting it all on the line April 17th! To support his fundraising, please visit HERE.