Calista Tufankjian

Client Success Manager: Locally

“The foundation’s mission aligns with many values that I hold close to my heart.”

Michaela Thompson

Analyst: Equality Asset Management

“Bringing people together from all backgrounds to bolster community while promoting faith, education, and healthcare is a mission I care strongly about and believe it is of utmost importance in shaping and cultivating younger generations.”

Zach Somers

Associate at OpenView

“As a young professional in Boston, surrounding myself with likeminded, motivated, ambitious people is the perfect opportunity to learn from mentors in hopes that one day I too will be able to give back the gift of learning to others.”

Kleida Martiro

Principal: Glasswig Ventures

“I want to leverage my leadership position, international background, and passion for philanthropy to uplift children in need, to help the next generation of leaders, and to raise awareness on the importance of giving back.”

Cameron Kopsky

Associate: L.E.K. Consulting

“Having a strong community that builds you up is one of the most important aspects of life and I am excited to help expand these initiatives to help even more kids feel supported by the Boston community that I love so much.”

Clare Kennedy

Preconstruction Manager / Business Development: Lee Kennedy Company Inc.

“The Emerging Leaders Council is a fantastic way to build our personal and professional networks and create long lasting relationships while being supported by and also supporting the Corey C. Griffin Foundation.”

Maya Keenan-Gallagher

Analyst, Twelve Points Business Advisors

“I want to learn how to truly make a lasting impact on people’s lives from people who have done it already, from people who have experienced the effect themselves, and from people like me aspiring to make that same change.”

Sarah Keane

Senior Manager, Office Operations: Tectonic Therapeutic

“I enjoy being able to network and make a difference simultaneously and hope to continue making an impact with others who are passionate about making a difference moving forward.”

Greta Freking

Cardiac ICU Nurse: Boston Children’s Hospital

“I have been involved with the foundation since it began; attending events, purchasing/wearing merchandise, and making donations and would love to continue to do so while also workingbehind the scenes.”

Eddy Fish

Assistant Project Manager: J. Calnan and Associates

“Being a part of the next generation of leaders to help grow the foundation and its impact would mean the world to me.”

Colby Fagan

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Practice Manager: Porter Pediatrics Comprehensive Healthcare Private Practice

“I want to give my time and energy to be part of the Corey Kid’s team seeing these kids over the finish line to success”

Sloan Elsesser

Project Manager – Development: The Davis Companies

“I hope to learn what that next generation looks like and aiding in shaping of what it means to give back to the community.”

Sarah Daume

Fidelity Consulting Analyst: Fidelity

“I believe the Emerging Leaders Council is a perfect place to continue developing and honing key skills to become a community leader in the future.”

Colin Connolly

Associate: PSG

“I would love to dedicate more of my time to helping the underprivileged youths in our community to drive positive change in their lives.”

Melanie Cersosimo

Associate: Newmark

“I view the Emerging Leaders Council as an opportunity to establish relationships with people outside of my current social network from different backgrounds, industries, and walks of life.”

Lexi Britt

Learning & Development Specialist - Instructional Design: New Balance

“Corey’s legacy continues to echo in our family and we try to embrace him in our day to day choices including “why not me”, being highly inclusive, and leaving an enduring impact on others.”

Jenna Blouin

Portfolio Manager and Trader: State Street

“I want to be a part of something bigger than myself, that allows me to be a direct contributor to the positive impact.”

Bryn Batchelder

Ambulatory Clinic Patient Representative - Pulmonary Medicine: Boston Children’s Hospital

“I find the work the CGF does to be the perfect fit for me as something I can help tremendously contribute to.”

Theodore Floyd

Account Executive: Datadog

“This council presents the opportunity for me to get back involved in a cause I really care about, and leverage my experience to maximize the impact I can have.”

Andrew McLaughlin

Master's Degree Candidate

“What makes the opportunity to join the Emerging Leaders Council so exciting for me is the Foundation’s mission to help children who face unimaginable and hurtful obstacles in their lives.”

Emma Roberts

Strategy and Finance Analyst: Brooklinen

“I hope to join the Emerging Leader’s Council to work with and follow the lead of others with the commitment and drive that Kaelyn has and to use this to further the initiatives of the Corey C Griffin Foundation.”

Jonathan Farrow

Vice President: PSG Equity

“Being a part of the ELC would be a great opportunity to continue getting more deeply ingrained with the foundation on a more consistent basis.”

Hannah Merson

Associate: AlTi Tiedemann Global

“The Emerging Leaders council presents the opportunity for all of these things; it allows like-minded individuals to come together to work towards a common goal.”

Natalia Smith

Behavior Analyst

“My past and present both align with the foundational elements of the foundation and I am very excited to be a part in whatever way I possibly can.”

Grady Zink

Capital Markets: Newmark

“I have supported the Corey C. Griffin Foundation since its inception and would love the opportunity to continue to increase my involvement.”

John Montgomery

Account Executive: Postscript

“I feel it’s now part of my responsibility to carry on the legacy and do my best to dofor others what he had done for me.”

Ashton Fagan

Strategy-Investment Product Placement & M&A: BlackRock

“I have always felt a strong connection to the children in our community and I spent a lot of time at Boston College tutoring and working with at-risk youth.”

Daintry Calnan

Marketing Coordinator: Olivela

“This foundation means a lot to me and I would like to be more involved and have abigger impact on its’ success.”

Michael Chamberlain

Account Manager: BitSight

“Leaving an impact and legacy on others is something I truly would love to be a part of.”

Zachary Phelps

Investment Associate: Henley Investment Management

“I have never seen so many kind, loving, caring people in one place.”

Alex Berluti

Investor: M33 Growth

“The Corey C. Griffin Foundation is reshaping the lives of so many unprivileged youth in the greater Boston area and it’s a privilege to help support such a great cause.”