Thayer Academy Students Host Hockey Tournament

Funds Raised for Corey’s Kids Programs

Grassroots efforts make a sizable impact for Corey’s Kids. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to have next generation philanthropists join us in pitching in to make a difference in the lives of at-risk kids. Three recent graduates from Thayer Academy are shining examples of young people who are hardworking and determined to help others.

Before Christian (CJ) Monturio, and brothers Joseph and Peter Kramer graduated from Thayer Academy in June 2021, they decided to develop a Senior Project that would benefit the Corey C. Griffin Foundation and Corey’s Kids programs. The three Thayer Academy hockey players organized a hockey tournament fundraiser with over 50 students. It not only raised funds but spread awareness of the foundation’s programs. Corey Griffin was a graduate of Thayer Academy in Braintree, where he was an accomplished varsity hockey player.

“We’re all very familiar with the foundation because Corey went to our school and a board member visits and speaks to our team annually,” said Monturio. “We thought our senior project would be a good opportunity to keep Corey’s name alive both at Thayer and within the close-knit hockey community.”

The three students also planned and executed a large-scale food drive. They partnered with the Weymouth Street Hockey League** on the project. Food and household items were donated directly to Corey’s Kids families through the Foundation’s involvement within elementary schools in Dorchester. With the principal’s help, the food donations were packaged up for families facing food insecurity and families who are experiencing homelessness. This initiative provided relief to many struggling families.

Joseph and Peter Kramer are headed to Providence College next year to continue their hockey careers. CJ Monturio will be playing lacrosse for Army West point. We are grateful for their efforts and are confident that their futures will be bright.