Why I help support CoreyFest

by Ellen Crowley

I’ve attended more than 20 concerts in my lifetime. I’ve seen the biggest names in country music, from Kenny Chesney to Luke Bryan.

Still, the best show I’ve ever been to is CoreyFest.

Part of that is because there is something genuine about CoreyFest that you just don’t get from other concerts. By attending CoreyFest, you immediately become part of a community. This isn’t just another show, or another stop on a nationwide tour. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that honors an incredible person while raising money for some inspirational children.

This year’s CoreyFest — held on Nov. 2nd, 2019 and headlined by Cole Swindell at the House of Blues Boston — will be the fifth annual concert hosted by the Corey C. Griffin Foundation. I’ve been honored to attend each of the past concerts, and my parents, Jane and Brian Crowley, and I are proud to be sponsors.

There are countless galas and black-tie events that you can go to in order to support foundations, particularly here in Boston. Some try to make themselves stand out with a particular theme or a cool venue, but there truly is nothing like CoreyFest. I think that is in part because there truly is no one else quite like Corey.

I first got to know Corey in high school. I went to the Noble and Greenough School with his siblings and wound up spending a lot of time at the Griffin house or on vacation with the family. Every time I saw Corey, he made me feel like I was who he wanted to see, even though many times that wasn’t the case.

My family and his became close, and Corey managed to build relationships with everyone in my family. That is why my parents also sponsor CoreyFest. They do it not because I was friends with Corey. They do it because they were friends with Corey too. Just look at that picture of Corey with my dad on his shoulders at one of my cousin’s weddings. Despite an age difference of 30+ years, they had a bond that was often referred to as a “bromance.”

When it came to Corey, he truly could make friends with anyone, no matter his or her age, race or gender. If you had a quality about you that Corey enjoyed, then he was quick to call you a friend. Corey ultimately loved people, so his friends can be found all around the globe. He had an uncanny way to make people feel good, and he truly made an impact on my entire family.

My parents say that supporting CoreyFest is the greatest way to honor and remember one of Boston’s best. You get to attend Boston’s premier social event and help our neediest children and charities at the same time. Plus, you get to do it in true Corey fashion, with your jeans and boots.

When I think about why I support CoreyFest and the Corey C. Griffin Foundation, ultimately the reason is because I loved Corey and I love his family. He is a person who should be celebrated. It is an incredible testament to who he was as a person that he can be celebrated and continue to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for people in need.

CoreyFest 2019 is Saturday, November 2nd! See you there!