Why we support CoreyFest

A Q&A with sponsor Suffolk Construction

2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

CoreyFest is the biggest event of the year for the Corey C. Griffin Foundation, and it simply wouldn’t be able to happen — or have the impact that it has — without our incredible sponsors.

In 2017, Suffolk Construction was one of the lead sponsors of CoreyFest. As we prepare for this year’s CoreyFest, we spoke with several representatives from Suffolk about CoreyFest, why they support the Corey C. Griffin Foundation, and the goals behind their Suffolk Cares initiative.

What are the primary goals of Suffolk Cares?

The primary goals are to give back to our community, to help those in need, and to go the extra mile to put a smile on the face of someone else. Caring for others is practically a prerequisite for being a member of our Suffolk family.

How does the Corey C. Griffin Foundation epitomize the goals of Suffolk Cares?

The Corey C. Griffin Foundation changes the trajectory of children’s lives by raising money for strategic initiatives, but also by interacting with the children and initiatives they support. That level of commitment epitomizes the level of care Suffolk strives to provide through Suffolk Cares. It’s not just about writing checks, but about being in the community and helping those in need.

Why has it been important for Suffolk Cares to support CoreyFest?

CoreyFest adopts a new way of thinking which the Foundation calls “Experiential Philanthropy”. What this means is they do not want people to just donate or sit at a typical dinner. They want participants to have a memorable experience. While Suffolk was a lead sponsor for last year’s event, we were also able to send 50 young professionals to the event, not just to have fun, but to appreciate the importance of philanthropy and caring for others. For our employees to see 1,200 other young professionals engaging with each other at an event to benefit the underprivileged children of Boston, it just goes such a long way.

As an attendee, how would you describe CoreyFest to someone who has never attended?

CoreyFest is not your average charity event. It’s fun, it can get loud, but most importantly it really makes a positive emotional connection between the Foundation and the children it helps to support. My only advice would be, do not miss CoreyFest 2018 on October 26.

What are you looking forward to most about this year’s CoreyFest?

From what we have heard, this year’s CoreyFest is only going to be bigger and better than last year. We cannot wait for the Foundation to release the name of this year’s performer. The Suffolk employees that attended last year have been persistently asking for the opportunity to go back for CoreyFest 2018.