Young Runner Makes her Mark on CCG Boston Marathon Team

Part of our Run for Corey’s Kids series.


The Boston Marathon attracts accomplished athletes from all over the world. To participate, a
runner must be at least 18 years old. CCG team member Catherine Anderson is just 18, yet her
athleticism, fundraising ability, and philanthropic practices equal or surpass many older charity

Cate is a high school senior. As a student athlete, she has competed on both club and high
school lacrosse and field hockey teams. She has long been involved in volunteer service and
giving back to programs benefitting children. The Foundation is proud to have her on its team!

How does it feel to be one of the youngest Boston Marathon runners in the 2023

I am so excited to begin my marathon journey at such a young age and I believe that I
am physically ready to take on the marathon. Living in Boston my whole life, I grew up
with the dream of running the Boston Marathon. Although I have never been a
competitive runner, it has always been something I knew I wanted to work towards.  

How has training for the Boston Marathon been for you? Any challenges?
Training has been a lot of fun and I have learned a lot about myself and my ability to
push myself. Through the Corey C. Griffin Foundation team, I have been training with
the Furey 26.2 group. This has helped me tremendously, as it has kept me accountable
for the long runs and has prepared me well for the hills of the course. One challenge
has been the time commitment because I am a senior in high school, so I have had to
plan my training around my school, sports, and extracurricular schedule.  

What cross training activities do you do?
I am in the middle of my high school lacrosse season which has been a great way to
cross train and work different muscles in my body while continuing to stay active. I also
do strength training in the weight room at school, and I stretch every morning and night
to keep my body as ready as possible. 

What do you like about running? Do you plan to run competitively in college?
My favorite part of running is the mental battle of pushing myself while on the course. I
have always run a little bit to stay in shape for my sports, but I was never on a cross
country or track team. I do not plan to run competitively in college as I have never run
competitively, but I do plan to continue running on my own or even possibly with a
running club in college. 

You are one of the team’s highest fundraisers! What strategies worked best for

The strategies that worked best for me were continuously reaching out to people over
email, social media, and in conversations. Additionally, one advantage has been talking
about the Corey C. Griffin Foundation and the work that the Foundation does. I have
learned that many people have felt more inclined to donate after having a conversation
with me about the Foundation and learning how they help kids in need.

What shoes will you be wearing on marathon day?
I will be wearing Hokas on marathon day. I have gone through two pairs throughout my
training. They have been a game changer in my training. I love how they support me
every minute of my run.