The Corey C. Griffin Foundation’s Bold 2024-26 Strategic Plan

In 2023, the Corey C. Griffin Foundation (CCGF) embarked on a transformative six-month strategic planning process, marking a pivotal moment in its nine-year history. This comprehensive initiative involved key leadership, a strategic planning committee, the President, and an external consultant. Valuable input was gathered from program partners, grantees, the Emerging Leaders Council, the Griffin family, and the entire Board of Directors. As the first strategic planning endeavor for CCGF, it set the stage for a visionary roadmap aimed at solidifying the Foundation’s impact over the next three years and beyond.

Building Upon a History of Success

Established in 2014 to commemorate the remarkable life of Corey C. Griffin, the Foundation initially focused on preserving Corey’s legacy by supporting – Boston-area nonprofits aligned with his values. These pillars included educational opportunities for young people, healthcare and wellness, and the development of faith and character.

Over the years, CCGF has grown exponentially, contributing over $12 million to local nonprofits in its three impact areas. Currently, it passionately supports eight organizations through grants, alongside mobilizing a vast network for volunteerism and in-kind donations, impacting 10,000 young lives annually.

Beyond its programming and grant making, the Foundation is proud to host signature philanthropic and celebratory annual events, such as the Boston Winter Ball and CoreyFest, attracting more than 5,000 of Boston’s leading philanthropists. Notably, the Foundation’s Back-to-School Drive earned recognition as the largest back-to-school event in the city. A robust governing board and an Emerging Leaders Council further solidify the Foundation’s position, with 85% of the board representing Boston’s next generation of donors and community leaders.

Future Vision — All About Impact

The 2024 – 2026 Strategic Plan is a bold step toward ensuring the Foundation’s sustained impact. With three main goals, the plan charts a course for continued success:

  1. Refine the Foundation’s program model to ensure maximum community impact.
  2. Create an endowed fund to support grant making for generations to come.
  3. Increase staffing and volunteer engagement to support the stable growth of the organization.

Goals two and three are dedicated to fulfilling goal one, emphasizing that sustained success requires a long-term commitment and robust support systems.

To achieve its vision of empowering Boston’s youth, the Foundation identifies four crucial types of capital: Financial, Human, Social, and Physical.

  • Financial Capital: CCGF provides annual, unrestricted funding and introduces program partners to new donors.
  • Human Capital: Board members actively engage in the strategy and infrastructure of program partners, often serving on their boards and acting as thought-partners and mentors.
  • Social Capital: The Foundation leverages its wide network to increase awareness of program partners among Boston’s donors, encouraging people to support these organizations.
  • Physical Capital: In-kind resources provided by the Foundation meet the practical needs of program partners and the families they serve.

Over the next three years, the Foundation will define, evaluate, and refine how these four types of capital can best support program partners. This involves cultivating deep, thoughtful relationships and providing diverse support throughout all endeavors. To accomplish this, CCGF will expand its team of staff and volunteers as well as embark on an ambitious fundraising campaign to endow its grant making, securing a lasting legacy for generations to come. As CCGF looks ahead, its strategic plan is not just a roadmap, but a commitment to magnify the positive impact on the lives of children in need, embodying Corey C. Griffin’s legacy in the most meaningful way.