About The Foundation

Following Corey’s tragic passing on August 16th, 2014, the Griffin family and close friends founded the Corey C. Griffin Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Given his incredible passion for life and uncommon dedication to philanthropy, it was not difficult to map out the guiding principles of the foundation: improving the lives of primarily Boston-area children through strategic partnerships with the city’s leading educational and healthcare institutions, with an emphasis on faith-based initiatives. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to succeed, irrespective of their financial or health circumstances; our partnerships are helping make this goal a reality through our Corey’s Kids Programs.

About Corey

(1986 – 2014)

Corey was instrumental in his 27 years in setting the direction and voice of the Foundation that would be founded after his tragic passing.

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A “Corey’s Kids” Winter Miracle

Over $200,000 winter boots donated to children needing winter footwear Late last fall, the Foundation received a welcome surprise phone call. CCG supporters Caroline and Anton Melchionda resourced thousands of

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