Field Day 2024 Recap

Creating lasting impact over time

Teen volunteers with children at park.

Annual Field Day at St John Paul II Catholic Academy Lower Mills is a favorite event for all

The day is bright and warm, and more than 275 elementary school students, staff, and volunteers are bustling in the park’s grassy and wide spaces. The first thing you hear are the squeals of laughter. Younger children jumping in and sliding down from the massive bouncy house. The pre-kindergartners are trying to blow bubbles from giant holders while the older students are playing volleyball and doing cartwheels.

Welcome to the annual, end-of-school-year Field Day for St John Paul II Catholic Academy’s Lower Mills campus, located in the southern neighborhood of Dorchester. The Corey C. Griffin Foundation (CCGF) sponsors this annual event providing games, food, t-shirts, and hats, as well as friends and family volunteers who return every year for this beloved occasion. 

After being enticed into a round of tug-of-war, President Chandra Clark watches the students in amazement. “This is one of our Foundation’s favorite events of the year. And, it’s a family affair. Rob and Cathy Griffin are in attendance as well as Cathy’s parents, Carol and Russell.” She nods, “It’s very special to us and reflects the deep commitment that we have with the SJP schools.”

Nearby, two Thayer Academy seniors hover over a group of students. Graduating soon, Ryan and Brady have been volunteering at the Foundation for their senior project and have a fondness for “Corey’s Kids”. Easily a foot taller than the children who clamor around them, they smile, instruct, replace the t-ball stand when it’s knocked over, and retrieve the balls with patience.

Watching the scene, Principal Lisa Warshafsky reflects on the mutually caring, 10-year relationship between the school and the Foundation. 

“CCGF has curated an intentional partnership with our school community, which is grounded in faith, interpersonal relationships, and a deep commitment to our Corey’s Kids.” As a young student snuggles into the conversation, she adds, “It’s not just about financial support, it’s not a one-off, it’s truly a unique and special partnership like no other. It’s about creating lasting impact over time with our students and families. ”

The morning games settle into a pizza lunch and refreshments before the students return to school, eager for the last day before summer vacation begins. 

For more information about how you can support our program partners, please contact Foundation President Chandra Clark, [email protected].