Operation Mask for Kids

Volunteer Spotlight

One of the ways that the Corey C. Griffin Foundation is helping kids in Boston’s urban neighborhoods during the pandemic is to provide them with reusable masks to keep them safe and healthy. The Foundation calls the effort, “Operation Masks for Kids.” A call was put out to volunteers with the ability to sew, and the response has been tremendous.

Over 20 volunteers from Massachusetts and Rhode Island stepped up, offering their time and talent. Together, they have made almost 2,000 masks for children–from preschoolers to 8th graders. The masks are not only functional and well-made, but volunteers chose patterns pleasing to the kids. Many children sent thank you notes and pictures expressing their appreciation of our caring volunteers. One school principal who received masks for her students, stated, “I can’t even explain how excited the kids were to receive them. They kept saying, ‘someone made this just for me.’”

One volunteer, Peter Anastasopoulos of Medfield Village Cleaners in Medfield, MA, summed up the volunteer effort best: “The pandemic has dampened many people’s spirits. In hard times, it makes us feel better to do what we can to help others.” Peter coordinated his business’ contributions, which included fabric donations from customers and the production of masks by his Mother Toula and their business’ seamstress, Gilvane. “Medfield Village Cleaners has donated over 1,000 masks,” said Melissa Bowman, Executive Director of the Corey C. Griffin Foundation. “Their generous spirit, and that of our other mask volunteers, has been a blessing to many. Each mask is made with a child in mind, and I’m certain there is a bit of love in every stitch.”

Helping others in both big and small ways can make an impact. One child’s letter drove this point home. She wrote, “Thank you for the beautiful masks. It shows that you care about me a lot.”