A “Corey’s Kids” Winter Miracle

Students were excited to show their new winter boots.

Over $200,000 winter boots donated to children needing winter footwear

Late last fall, the Foundation received a welcome surprise phone call. CCG supporters Caroline and Anton Melchionda resourced thousands of pairs of winter boots from the Muck Boot Company, a premium boot manufacturer. The boots were the highest quality, but unsorted, and housed in a soon-to-be closing suburban warehouse. A huge effort was needed to get the boots into the hands, and onto the feet, of Corey’s Kids and their families. The value of this generous gift was over $200,000, and the timing was perfect because the boots arrived not long after Boston had its first significant snow of the season. 

Volunteers gathered to help sort, package, and inspect thousands of boots. They sorted boots were then stored in a warehouse donated by 7th Wave Brewery in Medfield, Massachusetts before they were delivered to Boston for families in need. It was a wonderful experience made possible by many. The volunteer effort from start to finish resulted in appreciative kids who were thrilled to receive warm, new boots sure to last for many seasons.

Doing Great Things

Our thanks to Ace and Acme Moving of Medfield for donating the truck and delivery personnel to transport the boots from the warehouse to the school. Upon delivery, they noted that some children did not have proper winter footwear to spend recess outside on the playground or to walk to school and arrive ready to learn with dry and warm feet. A principal reported that students without proper footwear had to forego outdoor recess or be restricted to a small area of asphalt which had been cleared of snow.

A Community Effort

The Corey C. Griffin Foundation is grateful for our community partners and volunteers who are committed to providing children in our Corey’s Kids programs with opportunities, experiences, and necessities. We are sincerely grateful to all who contributed to the boot donation effort.